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Our memberships are of two types - Associate and Working.

1) Memberships

  1. Associate members work in their own studios.
    Annual Associate Membership Fee: $50.00

  2. Working members use the Guild facilities. Working members should have taken at least a beginning level class so they can work independently in the studio. They are assisted in learning to operate the kilns. This group works on a cooperative basis to share the load of firing, glaze mixing, clean-ups, and odd jobs.
    Annual Working Membership fee: $350.00

All members share in the decision-making of the Guild, and are asked to help out with the committee work necessary to keep the guild operating.

2) Benefits of both memberships

  1. discounts in class and workshop registration fees;
  2. opportunity to participate in SPG sales;
  3. opportunity to participate in juried exhibitions, and
  4. learning various skills and techniques in ceramic arts from working with, and being inspired by, a community of potters.

For membership inquiries:
[email protected]