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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for more than one person?
You can register yourself and one other person.


What are my payment options?
You can pay with credit card via our registration site. 


When will the next classes be held?

We hold 10 week classes in fall (September to November); winter (January to March) and spring (April to June).


Summer classes are held two evenings per week and run for 5 weeks, usually July/August

We usually have an annual raku class - timing depends on instructors, weather.

If you are on our mailing list, you will be notified about all classes.                                          


Is there anything I need to consider when planning to take a class?

There is some physical work involved in throwing clay on the wheel - if you currently have wrist or back issues, you may find wheel work challenging. Some adjustments can be made - talk to your teacher at the beginning of classes if you have concerns. If you are not sure about registering, please email us.

I have never done pottery before, should I take throwing or hand building first?
You can start with either. Eventually, many students like to try both methods of making pottery. Experienced potters often

combine the two methods.

What is the difference between throwing and hand building?
"Throwing" means using the potter’s wheel to create your piece. Clay is centered on the wheel and "thrown" to create various

shapes. Hand building is literally done with your hands using pinching, rolling and joining coils or slabs of clay to create

various shapes.


How many classes can I take in one session?

Due to the high demand for class places, you may only take one instructor-led class at a time. If a Studio Class is offered, you may take this (no instructor) and one instructor-led class.

Can I make whatever I want in these classes?
Guild classes are intended for learning. As you become more skilled and confident, there will be an opportunity for some

choice in what you make. This will be guided by your teacher.


As part of the Aims and Purposes of the Saskatoon Potters Guild Constitution, classes for adults and children are provided

for community members to:

  • promote an appreciation of the art and craft of ceramics

  • provide an opportunity to learn and build competence in key skills of hand building and/or throwing and glazing

  • foster an understanding and appreciation of the elements of ceramic design


Guild classes are not intended for production pottery for personal use, donation or sale. Production refers to the process of creating a large number of similar products. Production diminishes the educational purpose of classes. It uses up shelf space which should be shared equally among all students and it also puts an extra workload on our kilns.


What will I make in these classes?
Have a look at our our Facebook page (Click here) - this will give some idea of what happens in a 10 week series of classes

- Thanks to Teresa Gagne for taking the pictures.

What is the difference between beginner and "beyond the basics" classes?
The beginner wheel throwing class is geared towards those with little or no experience with using the wheel and focuses on the basic skills. The "beyond the basics" is an intermediate class and builds upon the skills learned in the beginner class and is geared to challenge those with some wheel throwing experience. The adult hand building class is suitable for all levels of experience.


How big are the classes?
The maximum class size is 9 students in each class, which  means plenty of one-on-one with the instructor.


How long do the classes run?
The adult classes run for 10 weeks, which includes 8 classes of throwing or hand building and 2 classes of glazing, or 5 weeks, 2 classes per week, depending on the time of year. Children's classes are 8 weeks in length. The specifics are included in the class listings, above.


When is open studio time? Will not be held in Spring 2023
Open Studio time occurs for six weeks on Sundays from 1 pm to 4 pm. Your instructor will give you the specific dates and more information. This time is only for current students.


If you have any questions about our community classes, a volunteer class coordinator will be happy to help you. It is best to email us. We check email frequently.




PHONE: 306-343-6566 — You will get a faster reply by using email – there is not always someone present at the studio.

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